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Test Drive Microsoft Teams in a Customer Immersion Experience with Microsoft

Test Drive Microsoft Teams in a Customer Immersion Experience with Microsoft

Last year when Microsoft Teams was announced by Microsoft, we really enjoyed testing it and learning about its interface and tools.

While some of you may have also set up the Microsoft Teams option on your own Office 365 networks but I imagine there are many who have not delved into the service because of time or resource constraints.

Good news. Microsoft has begun offering a weekly opportunity for customers to spend a focused 90 minute session with a maximum of 12 participants to learn more about the capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

They are calling these sessions a Customer Immersion Experience because they are only for small groups of 12, which allows participants to get more time to get specific with their Microsoft facilitators about the service.

They begin each of these group sessions with a discussion about challenges they face and then they move into a live testing environment via the cloud via a remote desktop session that allows everyone to experience Microsoft Teams.

These sessions are held each Wednesday at 1 PM/3 PM (EST).

You can read more about the training here and then sign up for a slot to participate in one of the sessions.


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