SkyDrive Pro Finally Gets Its Own Rebrand

SkyDrive Pro Finally Gets Its Own Rebrand

Late last week we saw Microsoft's online consumer storage service, SkyDrive, receive its rebranding to the announced OneDrive, but the business version, SkyDrive Pro, had yet to be renamed to match the new name. When Microsoft officially announced the name change in January, the company also stated that SkyDrive Pro would become OneDrive for Business. On Wednesday, Microsoft officially rolled out the new branding for the business version.

In addition to the name change, Microsoft has released OneDrive for Business apps for Windows 8.1 and iOS. The iOS version comes with updates, bringing an improved UI, a better login experience, and new authentication types.

Both are downloadable from their respective app stores:

OneDrive for Business in the Windows Store

OneDrive for Business in iTunes

Microsoft has yet to release OneDrive for Business apps for Android or Windows Phone.

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