SharePoint and Office 365 Add to Microsoft's Record Revenue

SharePoint and Office 365 Add to Microsoft's Record Revenue

Microsoft's just-released earnings report says little about SharePoint, more about Office 365.

SharePoint was mentioned in Microsoft’s earnings call Thursday, January 14, if only in passing. Still, SharePoint, and Office 365, played a part in what appears to have been a very successful quarter for the company.

How successful was it? Well, Microsoft’s FY14 Q2 earnings garnered a net income of $6.56 billion on record revenues of $24.52 billion for the quarter ending December 31, 2013. See Paul Thurrott’s analysis at Windows IT Pro for a deeper dive.

Commercial Office products “remained strong, growing 10 percent,” noted Chris Suh, Microsoft General Manager of Investor Relations, adding that “SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync continue to perform well, with Lync growing over 25 percent.”

Commercial cloud revenue also grew during the quarter, Suh said. “We are seeing broad-based adoption, as Office 365 seats, Azure customers, and Dynamic CRM net seat adds all grew over 100 percent. We now have 70 percent of the Fortune 500 companies using at least one of our cloud services.”

For more on Microsoft’s earnings and what they mean, check out Paul Thurrott’s and Rod Trent’s pieces on our sister site, Windows IT Pro:

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