Send to Sway OneNote Integration Now Available in Preview

Send to Sway OneNote Integration Now Available in Preview

Sway is Microsoft’s next-gen, pseudo-PowerPoint tool, capable of creating slideshows, presentations, and stories on the web pretty quickly and easily using templates and canned themes. It’s a useful tool. I’ve used it several times over the past couple years just to showcase photos from press events and conferences I’ve attended and managed.

Back in May of 2015, Microsoft provided new integration between Sway and OneNote, allowing you to push OneNote pages and selections to Sway. But, this integration was a one-way deal. You had to use Sway to import – you couldn’t use OneNote to export. I complained about this at the time, considering more people use OneNote than Sway. A OneNote component could get more people to start using Sway.

Well, my complaint has now been addressed. Just released, there’s a downloadable, installable component that puts a Send to Sway icon on the OneNote menu bar.

Once enacted, Sway kicks-off to start the import.

The download is here: Send to Sway Add-In for OneNote (Preview)

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