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Resource: Outlook Mail and Calendar Cheat Sheets

Recently Microsoft's Outlook products have seen multiple updates for the software on your desktop, the web, the Windows Store (apps), and on iOS and Android devices.

Sometimes it can be challenging just keeping up with some of the changes but recent additions to the Microsoft Download Center will make this process easier.

These eight downloads contain PDF and PowerPoint copies in a compressed folder that they refer to as Cheat Sheets. Each of them are quick downloads and provide the user a handy one or two page reference to the layout and functionality of Outlook Mail and/or Calendar for each platform.

Sample of one of the Cheat Sheets

These are perfect bulletin board items or they can all be printed out and stored in a handy notebook at someone's desktop for future reference.

You could even use them as training tools as you introduce end users to the various platforms they can use to access Outlook Mail and Calendar.

Here are links to each of the available Cheat Sheets:

-- Office Cheat Sheet Outlook Mail on the Web

-- Office Cheat Sheet: Outlook Calendar on the Web

-- Office Cheat Sheet: Outlook Mail for Windows

-- Office Cheat Sheet: Outlook Calendar for Windows

-- Office Cheat Sheet: Outlook Mail for Mac

-- Office Cheat Sheet: Outlook Calendar for Mac

-- Office Cheat Sheet: Outlook for iOS

-- Office Cheat Sheet: Outlook for Android


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