Reminder - InfoPath is not included with Office 2016

Reminder - InfoPath is not included with Office 2016

In January 2014 the Microsoft Office Team provided an update to users about InfoPath and informed them that the 2013 version would be the final edition of the software for users.

If you are still using InfoPath 2013 in your organization and need to think aboiut migrating then Microsoft has provided information in their Office Dev Center that you can use to begin that process.

However, for those of you who will be upgrading to Office 2016 under the Office 365 ProPlus plan, there is a page of information for you that will help out with that process but those of you still using InfoPath 2013 need to be aware of the last item on that page:

InfoPath 2013 remains the current version and therefore won't be included in the Office 2016 version of Office 365 ProPlus. When you update an existing installation of Office 365 ProPlus to the Office 2016 version, InfoPath is removed from the computer. If your users still need to use InfoPath, the previous version will be available for installation on the Software page in the Office 365 portal.

InfoPath 2013 client will be supported under Microsoft's lifecycle support until April 2023; InfoPath Forms Services for SharePoint Server 2013 will also be be supported until April 2023 and InfoPath Forms Services in Office 365 will be supported until further notice.

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