Reader Question: How do I fix my Word template to include a specific phrase?

Reader Question: How do I fix my Word template to include a specific phrase?

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Poster Danci007 asks:

Hello, I'm struggling with one problem. I have to make a template for printing from a custom made program. Data is filled in program and will be printed in MS Word. Each field in program has a custom made bookmark for MS Word template. Each bookmark can be used once in document. Result of that bookmark can be date empty field. My problem is following: when the result is empty field I would like to change it with word "untill resignation"

I tried to make formula like this: i put my custom made bookmark in A1 cell and make this sintax in B1 (with Ctrl-F9):

{=IF((A1="" "until resignation" {=A1}) } - i got the Sythax error, "
then I tried

{if{=A1}=0 "until resignation" {=A1}} - still doesn't work.

I kindly ask for your assistance.

Can you answer Danci007 question -- is it the browser or the site? What can they do? You can dish in the comments, or head on over to this thread in the Windows Secrets Lounge and speak up.

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