Quick Tip: How to use Microsoft Teams T-Bot


Microsoft Teams is currently in preview and over the last week or so we have been highlighting some of the routine tasks for the team based collaboration service for Office 365 subscribers.

While we enjoy bringing you those tips, there is also another way to learn about Microsoft Teams and that is T-Bot who can answer many of your questions in a chat based interface in your Microsoft Team app/site.

By using natural language inquiries, just like talking to another person, just ask T-Bot questions about the task, feature or other items you are looking for help on. T-Bot will try and provide you the best possible answer based on the content of your question and has a built in feedback system to learn when an answer is on the right track and not related to what you asked about.

That feedback loop will help T-Bot become better at responding to your questions over time and improve the service.

If chatting with T-Bot is not your style then you can always access a full slate of assistance in the various tabs in T-Bot's channel such as General Help, FAQs, and Videos.

Eventually more bots will become available for Microsoft Teams as they are built by developers but in the interim you can access the T-Bot channel by selecting Chat in the left sidebar of your Microsoft Teams app/site.

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