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Quick Tip: How to Schedule and Use Meetings in Microsoft Teams


So far this week we have introduced you to setting up your Microsoft Teams site, adding Channels and using Connectors to bring data into your team site.

Since various team members can be spread all over the globe and not able to meet in the same room all the time then the capability to meet virtually is an important feature with any collaboration suite.

Microsoft Teams understands this and makes it very easy to schedule, track and join these virtual meetings. The service uses Skype to create the audio/video connection for the meeting and so the tools should be familiar to any organizations that use Microsoft services on Office 365.

One unique feature in Microsoft Teams is the ability to quickly start up an impromptu meeting directly in any channel with the simple click of an icon in the chat window. It is almost like meeting your colleague in the hallway or at the water cooler and sharing the news of the day.

This gallery will show you the various ways meetings are integrated into Microsoft Teams.


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