Quick Tip: How To Create a Channel in Microsoft Teams


Yesterday, we showed you how to create your first team in the Microsoft Teams interface and add members to the teams collaboration site.

The next step in building out your teams site is to add Channels so that you have places for focused conversations about different aspects of your teams project.

Each new Channel you add to a Microsoft Teams site has Conversation, Files, and Notes Tabs by default and then you can add additional ones to expand the capabilities of that Channel. Of course that configuration will be dependent on which services your team members need access to in that Channel.

Channels can also be customized using one of the Connectors that are available to access various services to deliver information for the team members in that Channel. In the current Microsoft Teams Preview there are nearly 80 Connectors available for immediate use.

The number of services that will be available as Tabs and Connectors in these Channels will grow as more developers bring their services to Microsoft Teams.

However, without a Channel there is no where to use these Tabs and Connectors so let's add the first Channel to your new Microsoft Teams site.


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