Quick Tip: How to add a Connector to a Microsoft Teams Channel


Today we continue our walk through of setting up your new Microsoft Team site and after creating your team and adding channels for them to use the next step is to bring in data from other sources to make that information available in channels on your team site.

Connectors are exactly what the name sounds like. They allow you to connect to various data sources and services and then automatically bring that information into a channel for your team to use.

Currently there are about 80 of these Connectors available for Microsoft Teams so here is a quick sampling of what you can use already on your team site:

  • RSS Feeds to bring on content from a website.
  • Bing News allows you to search for keywords and get alerts when they show up in the search engine.
  • Twitter allows you to track mentions for certain accounts and also track hashtags.
  • GitHub for collaborating on code based projects.
  • Zendesk for managing trouble tickets and customer support.
  • Google Analytics for tracking website traffic.

Of course that list just scratches the surface of what is available and the list will get longer as developers begin building their own Connectors for their services.

The process of adding a Connector to one of your Microsoft Teams Channels will be the same for most services. After selecting to add your service you will be prompted to validate your credentials as necessary and then presented configuration options for that service.

This gallery will show you the process for adding an RSS feed to one of your Channels.


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