OneNote Updated to Allow Protected Section Access

OneNote Updated to Allow Protected Section Access

If you've used the OneNote at all (and a lot do), you've probably noticed some pretty big differences between the desktop version and the version that installs from the Windows Store. You know, the one that uses the Windows 8.1 metro interface that everyone complains about. The desktop version is just a better app. Of course, OneNote started life as a standard desktop app, so the metro version already had some catching up to do.

But, it looks like Microsoft has not completely forgotten about Windows Store app users, despite the company seemingly moving away from the metro interface in Windows 10 betas. Today, the company has released an update to the OneNote for Windows Store app that allows you to unlock sections protected by a password. Just navigate to the protected section and enter the stored password to open it.

Once unlocked you can view and edit notes just like you want and if left open and unattended, the section will lock itself after a period of time.

Or, you can go ahead and lock opened sections manually.

This comes on the heels of rumors of Touch-enabled Office that should deliver sometimes this year - first on Windows Phone and then later for desktops and other devices. So, this OneNote update is a sure sign that Microsoft is hard at work on the much anticipated touch-enabled version of Office.

The updated OneNote is available right now in the Windows Store. I updated a few minutes ago.

If you've yet to install the OneNote Windows Store version, you can located it here:  OneNote for Windows

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