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OneNote Clipper 2.0 released by Microsoft

OneNote Clipper 2.0 released by Microsoft

The OneNote Clipper tool, which is a browser utility for saving web based content into your OneNote notebooks for future use and reference, has received a significant update and added several new enhancements.

I have tested OneNote Clipper with Internet Explorer, FireFox and on Chrome using a special OneNote Clipper extension and it is very handy for quickly grabbing and saving interesting content I find online.

In Windows 8.1 it is easy to share webpages to OneNote using the Charms Bar and the Share option. However, one limitation is that you must be using the Modern version of Internet Explorer because the desktop version of IE, as well as FireFox and Chrome, do not have the same access to that Share Charm for sending items to OneNote as it does not work with desktop browsers.

That is where the OneNote Clipper comes in and can be used by adding a simple shortcut to your browsers Favorites Bar or, in the case of Chrome, install the OneNote Clipper browser extention.

In a post over at the Microsoft Office blog Microsoft details this 2.0 update. Here is a quick summary:

- New user interface which has been cleaned up, occupies much less screen space and has new animations.

- The new Location Picker is in direct response to one of the biggest feature requests from users and now, instead of defaulting to your Quick Notes section, you can pick the notebook and section to store the web clipping in. The location picker also remembers the most recent notebook and section you saved a clipping to in OneNote to make multiple clips to the same spot easier. This is great when you are collecting info for a project in quick succession that all needs to be saved in the same notebook and should save a few steps along the way. Shared notebooks can also be used as destinations in the location picker improving your ability to save items and share them directly with friends who have access to that same shared notebook. This is a feature I would really like to see in OneNote MX - the modern app version of OneNote.

- Clipper can still grab the entire page you want to save and send it to OneNote however, now the Clipper has an option to just clip the segment of the page you want to keep and get rid of all the extra stuff around the edges such as ads, sidebars, etc. Just click the Article, Recipe or Product button in the Clipper interface to preview what will be clipped and then send it to OneNote.

- Clipper 2.0 now supports region clipping on Chrome with the OneNote Clipper Chrome Extension.

You can visit to see more about the new update and get started using it with OneNote and your favorite web browser.

Interested in providing feedback on the product? Visit to give the OneNote team input on any of these new features for the Clipper tool or any other part of OneNote.

Be sure to check out our gallery of screenshots for OneNote Clipper 2.0

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