OneNote 2016 Tips and Tricks eBook from Microsoft

OneNote 2016 Tips and Tricks eBook from Microsoft

It used to be very easy to call Microsoft's OneNote one of their best kept secrets.

This became even more apparent once you started using the program and learned more about its features and capabilities.

I had known about OneNote before I started using it extensively in early 2012 but that move did not happen until I attended a session about the software during one of the annual Microsoft MVP Summits.

After learning about many of the capabilities in OneNote 2013, I actually moved several paper intensive tasks to OneNote and have not regretted it for a second. In fact, I now look for opportunities to use OneNote and the development of the software has increased the functionality by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years.

If you are not currently using OneNote then this new eBook from Microsoft about OneNote 2016 may just be the catalyst you or your users need to seriously considering putting it to use on a daily basis.

The eBook is only 19 pages long but it provides tips on how to do all of the following things in OneNote 2016:

  • Get to your notes fast
  • Add a design when creating new pages
  • Add guides for handwriting and drawing
  • Indent and outdent with shortcut keys
  • Rearrange your thoughts and ideas
  • Tag important notes for easy follow-up
  • Take action on tagged notes
  • Skip the calculator and do math in any note
  • Take screen clippings and instantly file them
  • Recording audio
  • Search audio notes like normal text
  • Add a table of contents to a notebook
  • Build a wiki with easy links
  • Swap the page list from right to left
  • Keep your notebook structure visible
  • Put a digital sticky note on your screen

By the way, did I mention the great inking and pen support that comes in OneNote these days?

Now you do not need a pen to get huge value out of OneNote - all you have to do is get started using it and it will become an indispensable tool.

Consider yourself warned!

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