OneDrive Windows 10 Mobile App Update Implements Automatic Screenshot Uploads

OneDrive Windows 10 Mobile App Update Implements Automatic Screenshot Uploads

I can not tell you how psyched I was to see this featrure finally implemented on Windows 10 mobile devices.

When you work with screenshots on a daily basis there is a constant search for making that process quicker and easier to do. Well this app update delivers that efficiency for me and hopefully you as well.

Yesterday I shared a tip with you on how to reset the counting index for screenshots you take on your Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 PCs.

That is a tweak I have started using recently as I have consolidated all of my desktop/tablet devices to use the screenshot folder on OneDrive which is located by default at OneDrive>Pictures>Screenshots.

Using the indexing tweak, I was able to set my different devices up to use their own set of sequence numbers in order to help me organize all of the screenshots I take for writing how-to's, app tours and for social media sharing. Since they all land in the same folder now it is very important to have an easy way to sort them all out.

Of course, you can also take screenshots on your Windows 10 mobile devices but it was always necessary to manually upload those images from the handsets Screenshot folder to a location on your OneDrive cloud storage.

Well this week Microsoft updated their OneDrive app for Windows 10 mobile and it implements a feature that now automatically uploads any screenshots you take on your handset to that same Screenshot folder on OneDrive.

For me, as someone who takes multiple screenshots on my handset each day, this means I no longer have to manually upload that image to OneDrive from the phone.

in my testing over the last 24 hours or so the uploads are fast with minimal delay and that means I have almost immediate access to that image on my desktop for use on whatever situation or process I am involved at that time.

If your Windows 10 mobile handset is set to automatically install app updates then you should already have this update on your device and there is nothing else you have to do since the feature is built in.

Otherwise you can manually check for the update through the Windows Store just be sure it is at least version 17.9 or higher to have that feature.

OneDrive App Version

If you are concerned about screenshots being uploaded over your metered connection and counting against your data plan then just go into the Camera Upload settings and click the Upload on metered connections setting to Off.

OneDrive Mobile App Camera Upload Settings

For anyone who takes a lot of screenshots, this update to the mobile app and the consolidated screenshot folder for your desktop screenshots is going to make life a lot easier!

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