OneDrive Changes - What about my other loyalty bonuses?

OneDrive Changes - What about my other loyalty bonuses?

Most readers of this site have already heard about the significant changes Microsoft announced that eliminated unlimited storage for Office 365 subscribers and removes two thirds of the free 15GB of free storage that all users of the service receive when they sign up.

While the reaction has been swift and overwhelmingly negative, the announced changes have prompted some enthusiasts to ask about other loyalty bonuses they have earned through different channels.

One of those loyalty bonuses, the 15GB of Camera Roll storage, is being completely cut out early next year and was one element of the changes Microsoft revealed yesterday.

For quite sometime individual users could earn other loyalty bonuses to bump up their available OneDrive cloud storage.

Here is a screenshot of some of those loyalty bonuses I have earned/received over the last few years:

OneDrive Loyalty Bonuses

I forget where some of these came from but overtime myself and many others have been able to add a lot of extra space to their OneDrive account above and beyond the free offer and any subscription based bumps in space.

As the news of these changes have become widespread, we have received several inquiries about the viability of these additional loyalty bonuses so we reached out to Microsoft to ask if they were at risk of changing as well.

We received the following from a Microsoft spokesperson:

“The only bonus that is changing is the camera roll bonus. Other OneDrive bonuses won’t be impacted. The Office 365 and Groove bonuses are tied to other subscriptions.”

This will be good news for those users who have received these added bonuses but I imagine it does not complete alleviate the sting of losing two-thirds of their free storage overall.

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