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OneDrive for Business receiving several web interface updates

OneDrive for Business receiving several web interface updates

Over on the OneDrive Blog, Reuben Krippner, the Director for Program Management on the OneDrive team, has detailed several updates that are coming to the service over the next three weeks.

The updates in the web interface of OneDrive are intended to further improve a user’s ability to create, share and find the files they need.

Here is a rundown of these upcoming enhancements:

- Adding a right-click menu for easy access to regular file actions like edit, download, share, copy, move and delete. A new cascading Advanced option on this right-click menu now gives you access to version history and other file information.

- Smart Search will allow users to find the files they are looking for among their own or files shared with them.

- Recent Files are now displayed using a card layout with a file/image preview and additional file info. The origin of the files could be from your own, those shared with you and those being worked on through a team site.

- The ability to share a folder at the point of creation will be added so that it is no longer necessary to create the folder and then return to share it later.

According to Krippner the intent with these changes is to create an overall better user experience:

Regardless of where you are accessing your OneDrive work files you have a rich experience that’s tailored to the specific device you are working on. Whether you’re editing that whitepaper on your PC or Mac, reviewing and adjusting a colleague’s changes to your spreadsheet on your tablet or quickly reviewing your presentation on your phone in the taxi on the way to the big client meeting – the combination of OneDrive and Office makes the process quick and easy.

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