Office Lens for Android Comes Out of Preview

Office Lens for Android Comes Out of Preview

Microsoft today is releasing Office Lens for Android as a public download from the Google Play app store, free to anyone with a compatible Android device. The Android version of Office Lens has been in preview since early April, after a March 2014 announcement. Microsoft is thanking the 130,000 plus Google+ previewers for the quick turnaround from beta to production.

Office Lens is a popular app. In essence, it turns any camera-equipped smartphone into a powerful pocket scanner. Take a picture of a text-filled whiteboard, or a printed page, and Office Lens will not only correctly orient and format the image, but will also turn the image into text.

Office Lens is a cross-platform app. Since its availability, it has been downloaded 1.3 million times by iOS users, 70,000 times for Android devices, and 3.5 million times for Windows Phone users.

Testing was accomplished for 270 makes of phones and just under 2,600 models for the Android platform, ensuring that the public release produces the best experience possible.

The final version is available in 123 countries or areas and in 30 languages.

You can grab the released version here: Office Lens for Android

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