Office Delve updates include iPhone, Android apps and new people centric features

Office Delve updates include iPhone, Android apps and new people centric features

Microsoft continues to evolve its Office Delve offering and today’s updates expand it onto mobile devices and enriches the people connections.

You have most likely heard Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, mention Delve in some of his keynotes. He says that Delve is one of the first things he looks at to get an idea of what is happening within the company.

The people-based search and discovery tie into a user’s Office 365 profile and helps you better understand more about them and what is happening in their day.

The look and feel of Delve has been updated to be cleaner and more action-oriented, and designed to help you find, connect and collaborate with the right people. The entire profile page is now responsive for a great experience across devices, from 4-inch screens up to the very largest displays. In addition to core profile information, each person’s organizational structure is now prominently displayed and easy to navigate.

Microsoft have assistance available to help you learn how to view and edit your profile plus how you can find people and info on Delve.

If you follow Microsoft you know there are extensive blogs produced by employees that are public facing through TechNet and MSDN. These blogs can be a rich source of information on every subject imaginable relating to Microsoft services, products and technologies.

Well today a new internal blogging tool was added to Office 365 and links to this personal blog will be available on the new profile page I mentioned above relating to Delve. My only concern, from a tech watcher perspective, is that these internal blogs would eventually reduce the amount of content we hear from Microsoft over the public facing employee blogs.  Maybe someday those internal blogs will have an option to be shared outside the buildings of Microsoft or any organization that uses Office 365 and Delve.

Along with these people related updates two new mobile apps are being released today for iPhone and Android that allow you to stay connected to the information in Delve while you are out and about.

Download Delve for Android

Download Delve for iPhone

According to the company a universal app version of Delve is being developed for Windows platforms.

Be sure to read the entire Delve product announcement.

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