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Office 365 Roadmap Update for October 2017

By the time Microsoft Ignite ended in Orlando, Florida about 10 days ago, more than 200 Office 365 sessions had been presented during the week long conference.

Leading up to all of those sessions where multiple announcements about Office 365 products and services that are either rolling out now and or expected in the next few months.

Thomas C. Finney, the Senior FastTrack Manager at Microsoft, has taken to the Office 365 Weekly blog and listed the 30 items that were added during Ignite to the roadmap for Office 365.

You can read the entire roadmap at Finney's blog post but here are some highlights:

-- Audio Conferencing Preview in Microsoft Teams
-- OneDrive Mobile On-Prem App
-- Swap Previews in Emails
-- File Activity Views on Mobile and Web
-- Admin Center - Home Dashboard Update
-- OneDrive Files On-Demand
-- Microsoft To-Do for iPad and Android
-- OneDrive for Business: Fluent UI updates for web
-- OneDrive for Business; ZIP File Support

Just for reference, Microsoft FastTrack for Office 365 is a program which provides assistance from Microsoft to help you mamage the rollout of Office 365 in your organization.


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