Office 365 Dashboard Gains Four New Reports

Office 365 Dashboard Gains Four New Reports

Last month we told you about the rollout of the new Office 365 reporting dashboard that had been in preview for about six months.

Hopefully by now most of you have gotten that update adn are able to put the layout and tools to good use.

Now that the new dashboard is out, Microsoft is adding more reports to the portal to further help Office 365 administrator understand how their company is using Office 365.

According to the Office 365 team over on the official product blog, new usage reports for SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Yammer and Skype for Business are now rolling out for customers in the United States, Canada and Australia. They will arrive in Asia, Europe and Central America next month in May.

Here is a rundown on what the reports will provide:

- SharePoint site usage report—Provides you with storage consumption details across all your SharePoint sites. The report helps you see activity across sites, how much storage is available per site and how the sites are being used for file storage.

- OneDrive for Business usage report—This report helps you understand storage and sharing activity across OneDrive for Business, including number and size of files stored, in aggregate and per user.

- Skype for Business report—Shows Skype for Business usage, with details such as minutes spent in a Skype Meeting and with breakouts on peer-to-peer activity such as IMs and calls, meetings organized and meeting participation.

- Yammer report—Provides details on Yammer engagement—breaking out Like, Read and Post activities.

By the way, the Office 365 team is not yet done with the new portal.

In June they will add the Power BI pack to let you dive even deeper in your data and tie that into your organization so you can find usage by  region or department.

New APIs will arrive in teh fall so that you can build your own app/program to access this data and incorporate it into your own tools.

Over the coming months even more reports will be added to the portal so that you can drill even further down into OneDrive for Business and SharePoint usage, Office 365 Groups, email protection and the ability to see how your users access Office 365 (browser/operating system).

The Office 365 team also mentioned that all reports in the previous version of the admin center will remain active until that report or an equivalent is available in the new portal.

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