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Office 365 and SharePoint Downloads of the Week

Office 365 and SharePoint Downloads of the Week

Microsoft keeps cranking out articles, presentations, posters, and templates to help you help others

This week's download fun includes a poster about authentication in Office 365, a veritable potluck of goodies to help you make your users adore Office 365, and optimization configuration guidelines for SharePoint web content management. Anybody got a fork?

Identity and Authentication in the cloud: Office 2013 and Office 365 (Poster)

This poster illustrates and explains the new world of identity and authentication in Office 2013 and Office 365. Two scenarios illustrate how identities are provisioned and how those identities are authenticated completely in the Microsoft cloud or in a hybrid (on-premises and Microsoft cloud) topology.

Microsoft Download URL: Identity and Authentication in the cloud

Office 365 Change Management Guide for the Enterprise

This download gets you a whole passel of folders containing guidance to help your users deal with Office 365 in corporately suitable ways. We're talking a lot of good stuff if you don't have someone to do this for you on your end:

  • End User Awareness Email Templates
  • Policies and Best Practices Handouts for End Users
  • Launch Presentation Decks, Announcement Posters for the bathrooms and lunchroom
  • Help Desk Troubleshooting Advice, plus messages and documents on support, videos, training, and more

In the Policies folder, the Polices [sic] Best Practices Documents file has a wonderful subhead in the very useful directions for end-users: "Share without oversharing." Oh, if only it were that easy, Microsoft.

Microsoft Download URL: Office 365 Change Management Guidance

Optimizing SharePoint Server 2013 websites for Internet search engines

If you're managing a SharePoint 2013 website and want to increase its visibility in natural search on Internet search engines, Microsoft has recent guidance on optimizing for search. Or, as those of us who do this daily call it, search engine optimization (SEO) or "how will the next Google algorithm screw with my visitor counts?"

The document covers such topics as shared HTML markup vocabulary, responsive web design, canonical URLs, HTTPS vs. HTTP, slugs, page redirects, and more.

Microsoft Download URL: Optimizing SharePoint Server 2013 websites

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

But there's nothing there? Yes, you won't find, as of 4-10-14, the SharePoint 2013 SP1 download, which Microsoft pulled.

What you will find is this:

Article ID: 2817429 - View products that this article applies to.

Notice: We have recently uncovered an issue with this Service Pack 1 package that may prevent customers who have Service Pack 1 from deploying future public or cumulative updates. As a precautionary measure, we have deactivated the download page until a new package is published.

Read more at the Microsoft TechNet page.


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