Office 2016 Deployment Tool Released

Office 2016 Deployment Tool Released

The release of Office 2016 today means management tools are also being rolled out to assist IT Pros and system administrators with the management of Office 2016 installations across their networks.

One of those key tools is the Office 2016 Deployment Tool has been in preview over the last few months as Microsoft has been finalizing Office 2016.

By default, Office 2016 installations that use Click-to-Run will download the Office product from the Internet, with full UI, and with automatic updates enabled. Some administrators will need more control beyond the default Click-to-Run installation behavior in order to work best in their environments.

The Office 2016 Deployment Tool allows administrators to gain that control through the following actions:

  • Download an Office installation source to a network share location
  • Configure an installation to use a network share as the installation source instead of the Internet
  • Configure an installation to suppress all UI
  • Configure whether Office will automatically update or not
  • Configure which products and languages to install
  • Remove Office Click-to-Run products

More information about the Office Deployment Tool is available at these sites:

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