New partner add-ins revealed in's expanded roll-out

New partner add-ins revealed in's expanded roll-out

The Outlook Team has announced new updates for the continued expansion of the preview and confirmed new partner add-ins that are due to arrive in the near future.

In May Microsoft revealed changes they are making to the website as the planned changes to the inbox experience and an upgraded calendar. The initial roll out of these changes were limited to a small audience but today that audience is growing.

This expansion is occurring after Microsoft has applied fixes to the portal based on feedback from early testers and they are ready for more users to get access to those enhancements.

The other announcement from Microsoft today concerns partner add-ins. These add-ins were announced at BUILD 2015 and more info for developers is available at

The following partner add-ins are available for use today to Outlook 2013 users and Office 365 customers through Outlook on the web:

Note: The Uber, PayPal and Evernote add-ins also work with Exchange 2013 mailboxes according to Microsoft.

Some other services that will soon be available through a partner add-in were also listed in today's announcement:

  • Yelp
  • Wunderlist

Read the entire announcement here and provide your feedback to Microsoft through the Outlook User Voice site.

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