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More Improvements to just keeps getting better

In addition to the earlier news about global two-step verification functionality for all services that use the Microsoft account, Microsoft today announced two more new features for its web-based email service: The ability to sign-in to the service with an alias and support for international domains.

Microsoft announced this additional changes via a new post to the Outlook blog.

Email aliases. Microsoft has simplified its UI for adding and managing email aliases, and it's also added a crucial new capability: You can now sign-in with an alias. It’s not clear from the post if this only works with the web interface, which would be OK, or it will work globally (across mobile devices, for example), which would be amazing. I’m traveling today, but I’ll look into this.

International domains. In addition to the standard web address, Microsoft has made the service available across 32 international domains (,, and so on), so users can get an address in their own country.

I really like, and these features should make a lot of people happy. That said, there are still lingering questions around aliases and renaming accounts that I’ll try to look into ASAP.

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