Microsoft unveils new OneNote in Education website

Microsoft unveils new OneNote in Education website

Over the last couple of years one jewel that has continued to sparkle and shine is OneNote.  With all the attention it has received you would assume it is a new part of the Office suite of programs.

Not true though as OneNote was first released back in November of 2003. It has however, take a spotlight in such places as the Surface Pro 3 when it was directly integrated into the pen that comes with device and can be accessed immediately with the click of a button to take a quick note.

Another area that OneNote has come into its own recently is education.  It is such an important aspect of OneNote that a dedicated site was built for teachers to access and learn how to use such tools as the OneNote Class Notebook Creator.

The reality was that not only teachers were benefiting from OneNote but the students and school administrators were as well.

Microsoft has seen that and as a result they have revamped their OneNote for Teachers website and renamed it OneNote in Education.

It is available at

There are now three areas of resources under Student, Teacher and Administrator and each of those have sub-areas for basics, usage scenarios and additional resources.

If you take an in-depth look at these tools you could easily implement very similar options using OneNote for your own teams, departments and companies. The use of paper and printing supplies can add up very quickly and just making the simple move to OneNote to go paperless will improve your bottom line.

I switched to OneNote over two years ago for my own Observed Tech PODCAST and stopped printing almost 30 pages each week for show notes. That resulted in a paper savings of over 1,400 pages of paper each year.

Every little bit counts - just imagine eliminating that much paper usage per person across your business.

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