Microsoft Sway expands its touch

Microsoft Sway expands its touch

Sway initially became available to those who wanted to use the creative tool via the web and it worked with any browser which made it truly cross platform.

Now Microsoft wants to take that same cross platform experience to actual touch focused apps on Windows 10, iPad and iPhone.

Any iPhone users have had the opportunity to use Sway in app form since January of this year while the web based version was widely available in December of last year.

With today's announcement iPad users get immediate access to a preview version of Sway while Windows 10 users have to wait for the arrival of Windows 10, which is on 29 July, and then the release of the new Windows Store app for Sway. The Sway team states that will be sometime this summer.

Included in today's release is an update for iPhone users as well.

Building on your feedback, it is now easier than ever to add pictures, videos and text to your Sway. Previewing your creations is also quicker than before—simply switch between Edit and Preview at the top to see the polished and cohesive design taking shape as you create.

Sway for iPad is optimized for the larger screen. It allows you to create, view and share Sways in landscape and portrait mode and also includes a few additional capabilities, such as the Remix! button for quickly trying out different layouts and styles.

Now you can use the Sway interface in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish (in addition to English). Sway for iPhone and iPad are also now available in the App Store for 43 new markets where those are official languages

Don't forget that Sway for iPhone and now iPad also support Office 365 business and education customers which means you can use your work or school credentials to sign into these apps to create, edit and view Sways.

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