Microsoft Sets the Bait to Lure Android Tablet Users to OneNote

Microsoft Sets the Bait to Lure Android Tablet Users to OneNote

Ask any user, no matter what platform they use, and those that are in-the-know will admit that Microsoft's best application is OneNote.

Those that have used OneNote understand the power and value that an open-ended note taking application brings. There are many competitors of OneNote, Evernote is a good example, but OneNote tends to win over users with its ability to clip and store just about any information in any format. Notes, pictures, media files, entire or partial bits of web pages, the list goes on and on. Truth told, I wasn't a convert myself until a couple years ago. I thought Outlook's "Notes" was enough for me, and then I dabbled in Evernote for a while. But, OneNote has proven to be much more than a simple note-taking application and I now use it every day in some manner.

OneNote is becoming Microsoft's Trojan Horse. It's a great application that iOS and Android users don’t mind using, but once they do start using it they tend to become more comfortable with the rest of Microsoft's ecosystem like OneDrive and Office 365. It takes only a taste.

Today Microsoft has expanded OneNote availability by revealing an update for Android tablet users that brings handwriting support and an improved user interface.

The update is available now: OneNote in Google Play

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