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Microsoft Planner Available for All You Type A's Out There

Microsoft Planner Available for All You Type A's Out There

Today, the Microsoft Planner team announced that their project-management software hit the general-availability milestone. Over the next few weeks, the software will be rolled out to Office 365 customers, including users on the Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscription plans.

Planner bears some resemblance to other productivity tools like Trello, which uses boards to manage projects. Take a look at a Planner board below:

and contrast that with a Trello board, like the one we're using to plan our Windows 10 Anniversary Edition coverage:

Speaking as a Trello user, being able to pin items, drop and drag them, and or sort them by category is very useful in project planning and execution; it'll be interesting to see how it works in Microsoft Planner.

Planner has a lot of features in common with Trello (which we've been test-driving internally for a review), and here's what the team says Microsoft Planner has to offer:

With Planner, teams can create new plans; organize, assign and collaborate on tasks; set due dates; update statuses and share files, while visual dashboards and email notifications keep everyone informed on progress.

Watch this space for our forthcoming Trello evaluation, then tell us what you'd like to us to look at when we compare and contrast how it works with Planner. We'll definitely be examining how well Planner's integrated with the other products in the Office family (OneNote and Outlook). Anything else?

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