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Microsoft Launches MSN App for iPad

Microsoft today launched an MSN app for iPad which it says delivers great MSN content in a magazine-like experience you can read anywhere, whether online or off.

"MSN for iPad introduces a beautiful way to stay in the know with MSN," the announcement notes. "It's all your favorite content reimagined as an online magazine that you can take with you and access anywhere. Relax, explore and keep up with your world with a swipe of a finger."


The MSN for iPad app also includes the Lasso search feature, as with Microsoft's Bing for iPad app. With this feature, you can search in a way that makes sense on the iPad, by tapping the Lasso button and then circling a word or phrase; MSN for iPad will then launch a Bing search on that term. 

MSN for iPad is available for free from the iTunes Store in the US and Canada.

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