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Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite 2020: Top Productivity-Related Sessions

The first-ever online version of Microsoft Ignite has now wrapped. The event, which ran for 48 straight hours last week, provided a lot of information about enhancements and updates across Microsoft's entire stack of products and services. We've pulled the productivity highlights for you.

The Microsoft Ignite 2020 website lists more than 800 sessions that were presented live or on-demand during the recently completed 48-hour event. The format first got tested with Microsoft Build and Microsoft Inspire earlier this year.

Productivity was a big area of discussion during Ignite this year and rightfully so, with many enterprises' shift to provisioning and supporting a remote work force. Right now, it does not look like a full shift back to corporate offices is happening in the United States of America. In addition, once that does begin to happen, the expectation is that the work force will be a hybrid of remote and on-site work environments, depending on what work tasks require. That means many employees will be continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future.

This means tools that help an organization remain productive in this hybrid environment is critical. A common theme out of Microsoft Ignite this year was the introduction of features and other enhancements to the company's products and services that enable that productivity for workers across the board.

We have collected together six sessions that will help IT leadership delve into some of the productivity-focused news from Ignite this year. From these sessions, further exploration can be done by utilizing the layout of Microsoft's information page for each session.

For a quick reference, here is how to utilize the Microsoft Ignite 2020 session page to its full potential, if additional research is desired after watching a session on this list:

MicrosoftMicrosoft Ignite Session Page Explainer

Each session page is full of pertinent information about the session being viewed. To the left of the main video is a sidebar which will provide a deeper dive into the subject matter.

  1. Microsoft provides a digital backpack to make it easy to save and download any session. Just click this button to add the currently viewed session to that digital backpack. Note: Registration is required but it is free.
  2. Once this session is viewed, using this link will provide the next step in discovering more about this subject.
  3. The resource secion provides links to download this specific session, its transcript, and then links to other information available from Microsoft on this subject.
  4. If this subject is discussed further in another Ignite session, this link will go straight to that session for on-demand viewing.

One other note about the recommended Microsoft Ignite 2020 sessions in this gallery – each of them contain a second link to an Ask the Expert session related to the main session. These sessions provided an opportunity for questions and answers relating to the subject area. They also include contact information for the team for additional Q&A and other resources on the subject.

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