Microsoft eBook Resources for Outlook and OneNote 2016 Plus OneDrive

Microsoft eBook Resources for Outlook and OneNote 2016 Plus OneDrive

Resources that help you learn about using various programs can be of great benefit.

I had never used OneNote until I sat in on a 90 minute session during a past MVP Summit that really showed me the benefits of the program and how it could not only help me with organization but also allow me to go paperless in several areas.

Plus, it is possible that the session just finally pushed me beyond my own obstacles to sitting down and checking out the program to see what it was capable of doing.

The other thing is that with software like Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive we tend to only discover and use a subset of the features that are available.

That is why resources like these eBooks I have for you today can be a huge benefit and help you not only find common usage scenarios but also also some things you may have never considered before.

Each of these eBooks are laid out with a listing of keyboard shortcuts, time saving steps, hidden features, and other helpful tips along with illustrations/images to help you follow along in your installation of the software.

This eBook first gets you familiar with OneDrive and its purposes then dives into getting OneDrive for your phones and tablets so you can access all of your files from anywhere you might be no matter the device.

A large portion of this eBook deals with the biggest benefit of OneDrive file storage and that is how to incorporate OneDrive intro your file storage scheme for any Office documents you might create, edit, and share.

It also shows you how OneDrive can become a collaboration tool for you by sharing links to files stored in OneDrive rather than attaching the original file. This helps with version control and keeps the bandwidth down to a minimum since you are not sharing large files with others through your email service.

What great resources have you found to help learn about the software you use regularly?

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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