Microsoft Adds Printing Capability to Office for iPad

Microsoft Adds Printing Capability to Office for iPad

Microsoft's release of Office for the iPad won the company many accolades from the industry and consumers. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, even chided Microsoft in a public speech, saying that Office for iPad took too long to emerge. Office for the iPad brings new life to a tablet ecosystem that is being reported as diminishing these days. Many have already started to write off Apple's tablet OS and hardware designs, saying the company's flagship device is aging. So, Office for the iPad seems to have come at an almost perfect time, breathing new life and new capability into a device that has been gathering dust in a desk drawer for many.

When Microsoft first released Office for iPad, it came packed with capability, allowing customers to read Word documents, view Excel data, present with PowerPoint for free. With an eligible Office 365 subscription that cost just $6.99 per month, they could also edit and create documents on the iPad and use Office on a PC and Mac.

Just a few hours after the release, users of the new software began complaining about the inability to print documents. Today, Microsoft has announced that printing capability is now available through the company's first update to Office for iPad. Office for iPad users can now print from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly to an AirPrint capable printer.

Today's update also brings additional features such as AutoFit in Excel and SmartGuides for PowerPoint (for better touchscreen customization), along with bug fixes and stability improvements.

Download the updated Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad

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