Microsoft Acquisition Brings Collaborative Service Possibilities to More Apps

Microsoft Acquisition Brings Collaborative Service Possibilities to More Apps

Late yesterday it was rumored that Microsoft was in the midst of acquiring yet another small startup-up company. The company has been on a roll recently, snatching up various solutions to help bolster its multi-platform plans, with notable acquisitions of Accompli and Sunrise.

This new company, LiveLoop, builds collaboration into Microsoft Office applications, with a first product released for PowerPoint. According the product's description, LiveLoop takes PowerPoint presentations and converts them into live web URLs so users on any device can access, share, and collaborate.

LiveLoop's web site is horribly slow today, but if you can wait for the loader to spin for about 10 minutes, you'll see the following nefarious shutdown notice…

Microsoft has since confirmed the acquisition saying…

Microsoft is excited to welcome the talented team from LiveLoop to help build great collaboration across Office applications, as part of our strategy and vision to reinvent productivity.

But, other than that the software company hasn't given additional clues, particularly to help customers understand how long the transition will take after LiveLoop officially shuts down and deletes all customer data on April 24th.

LiveLoop is located in San Francisco, CA and was founded in 2010.

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