MEC Keynote Unveils New Office 365 Features: Clutter, Collaboration, and Android Support

MEC Keynote Unveils New Office 365 Features: Clutter, Collaboration, and Android Support

At the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) today, Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper announced three new Outlook Web App features coming later this year. I'll be digging much deeper into each feature over the next couple days, but just wanted to give you all a taste of what you can expect.

  • Codename Clutter: This feature will give Office 365 business customers a simple, accurate way to manage high volume email with the flip of a switch. It helps separate unimportant emails from what matters without any fancy rules. Pulling from intelligence in Exchange, Codename Clutter can detect the kind of content you delete or ignore and provide a clear, personalized view of your inbox priorities- your patterns train it to remove the "clutter" for you. 
  • Document Collaboration Features: Attachments are getting a makeover. A new "send as link" feature will allow Office 365 customers to attach documents as simple, weightless links through OneDrive for Business. A new side-by-side view of attachments within conversations will also provide enriched email experiences so all of the context you need is within one view. And, as announced at SPC, OneDrive for Business standalone SKU will become generally available for purchase tomorrow.
  • OWA for Android: Last week, Microsoft announced Office for the iPad. Today, they are announcing Android support for OWA (Outlook Web App). On top of existing support for Windows devices, iPhone and iPad, the addition of Android phones later this year will allow people to access their Exchange mailboxes from any platform, with the same Outlook UI and functionality.


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