Is KB2817503 Gender Specific?

Is KB2817503 Gender Specific?

Reported on September 12, 2013, but just now coming into my view, is a strange issue with deploying the recent KB2817503 with KB2817630. KB2817503 was ultimately pulled by Microsoft due to an issue that affected the package installation. It was replaced by KB2817347.

However, an individual in the Microsoft forums has found a rather, ah, interesting artifact of having KB2817503 installed with KB2817630. Things look fine after installation, until someone tries to print an email. The Sensitivity field on every printout looks something like this:

Others have responded that they, too, have experienced the same issue. A workaround has been posted which involves uninstalling a couple updates. In the event you have seen this same issue in your environment, you can read it here:

Outlook 2013 - "Sensitivity: Male" on all email printouts after deploying KB2817503 to correct the folder pane issue

Not groundbreaking Microsoft patching news, but one of those computer oddities that might brighten your day.

I mean, c'mon. What guy is going to admit being sensitive, anyway?

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