July's Broken Office 365 Update Gets a Fix

July's Broken Office 365 Update Gets a Fix

The past couple months has been rough for the Office 365/2013 team at Microsoft. In June, Patch Tuesday broke Office 2013 click-to-run installations, and then in July, updates caused apps in the Office 365 ProPlus suite to just stop working. The solution at the time was to just uninstall and reinstall Office. Just uninstall and reinstall Office? Microsoft may not realize, but that's a huge problem and a big pain for customers to have to use the wipe-and-reload methods of yesteryear.

To help (a little) Microsoft developed and released a special Fixit solution that end-users could run to initiate the full removal of Office 365 and Office 2013.

Yesterday, on July 24th, Microsoft released an updated build of the last botched update that should finally correct the problem introduced by July's update release. That's a little over 2 weeks, though, and those that experienced the problems have probably already gone through the uninstall and reinstall merry-go-round.

To check to see if the update is available for you, in any Office app (assuming you can get into that app), jump into File-Account, click to open the Update Options dropdown menu, and choose Update Now.

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