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Internet Explorer 11 Support Ends for Microsoft 365

As Internet Explorer 11 approaches its end-of-life date next year, major productivity and collaboration suites such as Microsoft 365 are already dropping support.

Internet Explorer 11 was the final version of Microsoft’s original web browser, and its June 2022 end of life is already prompting multiple productivity and collaboration software providers to drop Internet Explorer 11 support in their products and services well ahead of that date.

Among them is Microsoft itself: The end of Internet Explorer 11 support for Microsoft 365 began last fall, in November 2020, as Microsoft confirmed that their flagship communications and collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams on the web, would no longer support Internet Explorer 11. And effective this week, the rest of the Microsoft 365 software and services suite has dropped Internet Explorer 11 support.

The recommended alternative is to update systems to the latest stable release version of Microsoft Edge or an equivalent modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Internet Explorer 11 Support Status for Other Platforms and Services

The pending end of Internet Explorer 11 support has also prompted other companies to shift from the eight-year-old browser.

  • Slack will drop all support for Internet Explorer 11 on September 1, 2021.
  • Facebook Workplace states that users on Internet Explorer 11 will experience degraded performance beginning this month.
  • Google Workspace has already dropped Internet Explorer 11 support as of August 17, 2021.

Microsoft Edge Provides an Internet Explorer Mode

Although the productivity and collaboration suites mentioned above will need a modern browser to continue accessing all their capabilities, Microsoft Edge IE Mode can provide continued compatibility for line-of-business apps that are vital to organizations but far less likely to be updated because they’re highly specific to a company or a specific industry process.

More about implementing IE Mode before the end of Internet Explorer 11 support is reached can be found on the Microsoft Edge support site.

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