How to join the Office Insider Program

How to join the Office Insider Program

We write a lot of content here at the SuperSite about Microsoft's Windows Insider Program that shares advance builds of Windows 10 as it is going through development.

By signing up for this program you get an early look at new features and enhancements to the operating system and get a chance to provide feedback to the Windows team about what works and what does not in the burgeoning OS.

Well Microsoft has another program that does not get the same level of exposure as Windows Insider does but it is setup similarly to allow users to test early updates and provide feedback to the team - in this case the Microsoft employees who work on Office.

The Office Insider Program has been available since last November to current subscribers of Office 365 Home, Personal and University across Windows Desktop, Mac, Android and Windows Mobile. The big difference between this program and Windows Insider is that you must already be subscribed to Office 365 as noted above to join.

If the Office Insider Program sounds familiar that may be due to the fact it operates along the same lines as the First Release option for Office 365 business customers.

The Office Insider Program reappeared in our timelines this week because a new build, 16.0.6366.2062, was released and it was also opened up to Office 365 subscribers on Mac based systems.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Office Insider program just head over to the main site and follow the steps based on the system you want to get early release builds on.

You can read about all the updates that are available to Insiders on Office 365 in January over at the Microsoft Office blog.

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