How To Import Evernote Content into OneNote


Evernote recently increased their prices to encourage more users to upgrade to their paid service packages and limited their free account, known as Evernote Basic, to access by just two devices.

I would venture to say that very few of us use just two devices these days so that limitation is likely to hamper many users of the free service from Evernote.

There will be plenty of Evernote users who are heavily invested into that ecosystem and, like our own Lisa Schmeiser wrote yesterday, will be sticking around because of the time investment and increased subscription cost offset. As she said time is money and for her it makes more sense to stay with Evernote instead of migrating everything to another platform.

Speaking of migrating to another cloud based note taking option, Microsoft's OneNote is one of the options many will be choosing over Evernote because it remains a completely free alternative. When you combine the OneNote Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, syncing notes via OneDrive and the recently released OneNote Importer Tool you can easily regain the ability to share your notes across multiple devices, ecosystems and platforms at no extra cost.

This gallery will walk you through the OneNote Importer tool and how easy it is to import all of your Evernote data into OneNote.




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