How can I pre-cache the Microsoft Office 2007 installation files?

A. Office 2007 uses the MSOCACHE folder as part of its core installation and functionality process. The folder is typically populated during the Office 2007 installation. However, to avoid network activity during installation, you can accomplish a pre-cache by performing the following steps. (Use caret brackets in place of the square brackets.)

1. From the network installation point, use Notepad to open the config.xml file, which is located in the core product folder (e.g., Pro.WW for Office Professional 2007).
2. Find the \[LIS\] element, and uncomment the line by deleting the opening \[!-- and closing --\] tags.
3. Set the \[CACHEACTION\] attribute to "CacheOnly". The line in Config.xml should look like

\[LIS CACHEACTION="CacheOnly" /\]

4. Save the config.xml file.
5. Run setup.exe on users' computers, specifying the fully qualified path to the modified config.xml. For example,

\\\[server\]\\[share\]\Office12\setup.exe /config

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