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How to Add Disclaimer to All Outgoing Emails in Office 365

How to Add Disclaimer to All Outgoing Emails in Office 365

Email disclaimers are legal statements that are added to outgoing emails. In this article, I’ll mention the steps required to add a disclaimer to all outgoing emails when recipients are located outside the organization using Exchange online mail flow rules.


  1. Open in your favorite web browser.
  2. Log in with your Office 365 global admin account.
  3. Go to admin center.

4. In Office 365 admin center, expand Admin centers and then click Exchange.

5. In Exchange admin center dashboard, click rules located under mail flow.


6. Click the plus sign and then click ‘Apply disclaimers’.


7. When a new window opens, ‘Append the disclaimer’ will be automatically chosen under ‘Do the following’ drop down.  
8. Click ‘Enter text’.

9. Enter the disclaimer text. When you are done click OK.


10. Choose the fallback action and click ‘Select one’. 

11. Choose Ignore and click OK.


12. Finally, add a condition so the rule can be triggered when a condition is met. Click ‘Apply this rule if....’ drop down and choose ‘The recipient is located’. 
13. A new window opens, choose ‘Outside the organization’ and click OK

14. Click Save to save this new rule. Now, all outgoing email messages to recipients outside the organization will have disclaimer appended as shown in the following screenshot.






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