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Hands On: Inviting Others to use your Premium E-Mail Service


Earlier this week Microsoft stripped the preview tag off of their Premium subscription service and we showed you the extensive process to sign-up and then configure your customized domain to use with the service.

One of the benefits of the Premium subscription is that you can invite four other individuals to create their own customized e-mail accounts using your unique domain.

After you invite them, they will receive an e-mail with information about the service and a link to get started with the sign-up process.

A couple of key items about the accounts your guests create:

- If they already have an account their unique e-mail address they create on your domain will be an alias for their own account. So, just like we discussed in our sign-up and configuration hands on,  they will be able to use this account to sign into their various Microsoft services without any problem.

- If they do not already have an account then this will create a new account for them to use.

- Each unique e-mail account has the ability to create up to six aliases using your customized domain.

I did notice one issue when I was testing this sign-up process. I used my customized email address which I created when I signed up for Premium earlier this week and the system told me that e-mail address was available for use through the guest sign-up process. There is no reason an account that is already set-up on a customized domain should be allowed to be used a second time. I will report this to the team so they can look into it further.

The process itself is very quick and so your friends will be able ot start using their customized e-mail address on your unique domain almost immediately.

The gallery will show you the steps for inviting someone to use your custom domain on Premium and then show you the sign-up experience for those you invite.


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