Doxie + OneNote Preview

Doxie + OneNote Preview

For the longest time I've looked for a portable scanner worthy of travel, and one that works the way I do.

For the past couple years, I've been using the Windows ecosystem heavily, meaning a Microsoft account and OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) drives my cross-device storage and functionality. I use a Windows Phone, a Dell desktop with multiple monitors running Windows 8.1 (when in the office), and the Microsoft Surface Pro (original release) for traveling. The Windows ecosystem runs deep among these devices and continues to improve almost weekly, so that my move from Android a couple years back is all but a distant, pain-dulled memory.

Ask just about anyone and they'll give glowing accommodations for OneNote. I regularly see people admit to it being their favorite app over the social networks. And, I agree. OneNote makes organizing and storing documents (and other things) a breeze, and with the latest functionality announced as part of Microsoft's move to make OneNote free for everyone, it's only going to get better.

Over the past couple weeks, I've talked about some cool things that can be accomplished using OneNote. Hopefully, you caught those articles. If not, take a quick gander:

One of the new add-ons I was interested in testing was the functionality of OneNote added to the Doxie portable scanner. So when offered a test unit I jumped at the chance. The Doxie arrived today, and I've just only ripped open the package to see what's inside, but I wanted to give you a first glance with some snapped photos. I'll be digging into testing over the next few days and I'll report back with a full review.


P.S. They've not quite updated the packaging yet, to show the new OneNote sync functionality.

In the Box:

The Doxie (Unit):



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