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Create a Send-To Connection in Office 365

Create a Send-To Connection in Office 365

Get the most out of your SharePoint Records Center

In order to fully utilize a Records Center in SharePoint, you need to create a way to manually send items to the Center for routing to the proper libraries.  You do this by creating a Send-To Connection. 

In Office 365, this is done using the Admin tab, so be sure you have the proper rights before starting. 

Before creating the Send-To connection itself, you must have a Records Center site already created.  You need to grab the web service URL for sending documents with the connection. 

Here is how to get the web service URL from the Records Center:

  1. In your Records Center site, click the gear icon for Site Actions.
  2. Click Site Settings.
  3. In Site Settings, under the Site Administration header, click Content Organizer Settings (see Figure 1).
Figure 1

  1. Scroll to the bottom and make a note of the Web service URL.

Now that you have the web service URL, here is how to use that to create a Send-To connection for your Records Center:

  1. In the ribbon, click Admin (see Figure 2).
Figure 2

  1. Click SharePoint (see Figure 3).
Figure 3

  1. In the SharePoint admin center, click records management (see Figure 4).
Figure 4

  1. On the connections page, select New Connection.
  2. Set the Display Name of the new connection to something that makes sense for your environment, such as “Copy to Records Center.”
  3. Under Send To URL, type the web service URL you previously noted.
  4. Click the link Click here to test to make sure the URL is correct.
  5. Leave the checkbox Allow manual submission from the Send To menu selected.
  6. Use the Send To action list to choose what to do with documents. 
  7. Click Add Connection. (See Figure 5.)
Figure 5

Note: You can Copy or Move documents, both of which are useful in different scenarios.  Copying documents to the Records Center is a great way to manage versions of your documents if you need to see how the document has changed over time.

A Records Center is a powerful way to organize all types of company records.  Note that you must manually create a Records Center as a separate site, and you must associate content types with libraries in the records center in order to route documents to their proper destinations.

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