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Control the PowerPoint window

After opening PowerPoint, the following steps can make it a more comfortable and productive environment:

  • Maximize the PowerPoint window. Click the Maximize button in the upper-right corner of the window. Maximize button
    • If you see a Restore button, that is an indicator that the window is already maximized. Restore Down button
    • You will run into problems if you are working in a window that is not maximized, but has been sized (stretched) to take up the entire screen. If your window looks "full size" but still has a Maximize button, be sure to shrink the window so that it is visibly smaller than the screen. Then click the Maximize button to maximize it correctly.
  • Set the zoom level of the slide. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Zoom button and select a zoom level. Zoom
    • Select Fit and PowerPoint will set the zoom automatically to show the entire slide in the available space in the slide pane.
    • You can zoom in (a larger number) to work with smaller objects and to fine-tune positioning.
    • You can zoom out (a smaller number) to see more of the page or document.
    • You can also click in the Zoom box itself, type a number and press Enter
  • Configure the sizes of the panes in the Normal view by dragging the borders between the panes.
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