Control PowerPoint Presentations with Apple Watch

Control PowerPoint Presentations with Apple Watch

Even if the Apple Watch doesn't prove to be a success for Apple (which is highly doubtful), the fashion bracelet at least has Microsoft's support.

Over the past few days we've seen a number of Microsoft apps updated to support Apple Watch activity. A couple days ago, OneDrive was updated with viewing and editing features for Cloud stored photos and yesterday an update to OneNote was made available that gives Apple Watch users the ability to read and dictate notes.

Now, Microsoft has submitted a PowerPoint update into the mix – and really, this might be the first logical feature available for the tiny screen. Using the Apple Watch with the updated PowerPoint app you can control presentations (advance slides) and view elapsed presentation time. Still, if you've ever attended a technical conference presentation and observed a speaker annoyingly keep looking down at his/her watch, you wonder if the speaker has somewhere better to be.

The Apple Watch relies heavily on a connection with an iPhone, so don't expect the wristlet to replace a PC, tablet, or mobile device anytime soon. But, that has really never stopped users from trying. CEOs and the like have attempted to inject iPads into the workplace, yet iPads still aren't really considered capable work devices, either. Sadly, it won't be long before IT staff will be required to support these things along with the growing list of other connected devices not designed for the workplace.

And, of course, you have to have an Apple Watch first. The only consumers with the devices so far are celebrities like Beyonce. Normal users won't have them for another month or so and only a small subset of quick-clicking consumers will have them no later than April 28 through a just announced special opportunity. But, once the package arrives and the Watch strapped on, Microsoft Office apps will be ready.

You can grab the update now from iTunes: PowerPoint for iOS

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