Checking out the Microsoft Teams Desktop Interface


When Microsoft unveiled their new Microsoft Teams service earlier this week the rumors had already identified the name for the Slack competitor but that was about all we knew.

Since the announcements on Wednesday, I have seen several comments on social media from Microsoft employees saying they had been using the service for a few months. What is impressive about that is the lack of leaked screenshots of any sort - not even an inadvertent one otherwise someone would have picked that up quickly.

So when a new service like Microsoft Teams arrives I like to dive into the interface and see what it offers users. Myself and a few of my colleagues are testing out Microsoft Teams thanks to a free trial of Office 365 Business Premium.

Over the last few days we have been tinkering and since not everyone is able to jump in and check out Microsoft Teams we wanted to give you a chance to see it for yourself.

I will comment on the various screenshots to help expose some of the key items in the interface and if you have any questions just leave them in the comments. I will help out and even grab a specific screenshot if necessary/requested.


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