Check out the Upcoming Small Business Apps Suite from Microsoft

Check out the Upcoming Small Business Apps Suite from Microsoft

A new set of apps targeted towards small business users is being put together by Microsoft for Office 365 customers to augment their existing apps Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

The collection of apps is being highlighted in a brand new portal and provides some background on what each app is intended to cover for business users.

Right now all of the apps are not available, there are some incomplete areas in a couple of the app pages, and not all of the app links to the iOS and Android app stores are working but it is definitely a page to bookmark and come back to grab the apps if you are an Office 365 subscriber.

Here are the key areas in which these apps are apparently intended to help small business users:

  • Guard your data: Gain peace of mind with apps that help keep your business and customer data safe and secure.
  • Save time: Take back time and save some money. Our new apps will simplify your day-to-day tasks.
  • Easy to use: The apps work like a team that helps streamline how you run your business.
  • Manage on the go: The new Business apps are also mobile. Because you are too!

Since this portal is still being worked on there is not a lot of info about the various apps but each one does have a brief description which I have summarized below (logos via Microsoft):


Bookings - Automate scheduling and allow customers to book time with you.


Invoice - Get paid faster by generating invoices on the go.

Mile IQ

Mile IQ - Automatically track miles for taxes and expenses.


Presence - Establish yourself online simply and confidently track your web presence.


Spend - Go receipt free and track all your expenses for finances and taxes.


Point - Get more word of mouth referrals from your satisfied customers.

Also listed on the site is something called a personal business assistant and the description is short on details for what this service/app will be all about:

"You have a lot of things to stay on top of to keep your business running smoothly. See all the angles in one place and get insights to help you succeed!"

There is no clear indication if these apps are free add-ins to current Office 365 subscribers or if they will require an additional cost but it is a page you will want to bookmark to learn more about later.

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