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Bing Rewards members receive 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage for free

Bing Rewards members receive 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage for free

Microsoft has just treated all members of their Bing Rewards program to 100GB of free additional cloud storage on OneDrive.  The additional storage is valid for two years from the date the offer is redeemed.

In case you are not familiar with it, Bing Rewards is a Microsoft incentive program for users who search the Internet using the Bing search engine.

You just sign up for the program and immediate begin earning credits as you search for things through the normal course of your day.

The credits you earn can be used towards a variety of items including:

- Gift cards for places like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft Store, jetBlue, Shutterfly, ProFlowers, GameStop, Sephora, iHop, Dominos and many others
- Credit for services like Skype, Ad-free, iTunes, Xbox Live and Hulu Plus
- Sweepstakes entries for giveaways including Xbox One, Surface, gift cards and other items
- Donate your credits towards charities and schools

I personally like to use this to keep my Starbucks card charged up so I can use it with my Microsoft Band plus it is an easy way to extend my Xbox Live subscription.

The process to get your free storage is very easy - just sign up for Bing Rewards at and then log into Bing Rewards at

Once you are on the main Bing Rewards page just look for the offer under Earn and explore.

Bing Rewards Link

Click on that link and you will be taken to the confirmation page to accept the terms and conditions which will subscribe you to promotional emails from the OneDrive service, which you can unsubscribe from at any time, and then you are on your way to an extra 100GB of pure cloud storage for the next two years.

Who knows what other benefits you might earn over that two years by being a member of Bing Rewards.



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